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Why Choose iReador

Your eReader can certainly download an incredible amount of information. However, you may have noticed that some information is in formats that your eReader cannot decipher. For example, MOBI formats are generally not readable on most eReading devices. But now you can download a simple software solution that will allow you to access MOBI formats and make them readable to your eReading device.

The ebook converter is a simple, yet powerful software program that lets you convert e-books in only a few moments to other format which devices such as the iPad, Kobo, Sony Reader, Android and so many more use on a daily basis.

Enjoy ebooks on any devices and applications

Do you have an iPad or perhaps the Nook, Kobo or other ePub reading device that does not allow for Mobi books to be read? If so, this converter software will convert that format into one that you can easily read.

Also, many PDF files, a common file used for eBooks, reports and other documents may not be suitable for your eReading device. If so, then the software can translate PDF files to those legible for your eReading while retaining the original quality.

Perhaps you have a Kindle Fire, MOBIpocket or other Kindle device and would like to read ePub books, reports and other files? If so, you can simply use this software to convert ePub to MOBI and read what you have been missing.

Batch and partial conversion

Unlike some other converting systems that slowly convert one book at a time or are restricted in converting files from different sources, you can with the iReador eBook Converter change a great number of files from different sources all at the same time.

This means that when you receive eBooks, reports or other files in different formats you can convert them all at the same time, which can save a great deal of time and effort. Simply download the eBooks from other sources and make the conversion quickly so you can start reading them on your time.

High Quality

High Quality: Other converting software systems will make the changeover, but leave out important information. With this software system, you will get the full, original quality without losing any information. In fact, it will look exactly like the original which means you get the best quality conversion possible in a very short period of time.

The eBook Converter is simple, intuitive and the right software product to make conversions so you can read a great number of eBooks, reports and other information that otherwise would require another device.

Get Your iReador Copy Today With New Release Discount

ONLY $39.99 $29.99