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Convert e-books to readers or tablet

To purchase an eBook reader or tablet is to open up a world of information and entertainment. However, many eBook readers cannot read material that come from sources not supported by the product. A Nook for example may not be able to read eBooks and other information written for a Kindle and so forth.

Enter the Ultimate eBook Converter, a product that allows eBook readers to show materials from sources it was not designed to read. The Ultimate eBook Converter includes the best elements of eBook converters and DRM removal functions all in a single product.

The Ultimate eBook Converter can be downloaded to your eBook reading device or tablet. The installation is quick and simple.

Remove DRM protection from PDF, EPUB, Kindle

The Ultimate eBook Converter essentially takes away the protections, often known as “DRM” protections that keep eBooks provided from one source to be read on another. This converter removes the DRM protections from Kindle, PDF, ePub and other formats that have this particular protection.

There are no special requirements for your reading device as the Ultimate eBook Converter works with any number of tablets or readers. From Nook to Sony to Kindle, Kobo and more, this converter supports a wide range of published materials.

It is recommended that eBooks you cannot read on your device, that you first open them on devices or computers that you can read to insure that they contain the information you want. If you cannot read a particular eBook on a PC, then it probably will not convert.


Convert All Types of eBooks: You can use different sources such as PDF, Mobi or ePub files whether they have DRM protection or not and convert them using this product.

Remove ebook DRM protection: It support Kindle ebooks, Adobe Digital editions drm ADEPT and Barnes Noble ebooks.

Batch Conversion: You can select a number of files to be converted simultaneously. This means that you can select more than one file to convert and save time by doing the process in batches rather than one at a time.

Drag and Drop: It is easy to use and drag drop to work.

Get Your iReador Ultimate Copy Today With New Release Discount

ONLY $57 $27